Straight from Chicago listening to Destinee Lynn(LynnLynn Lol) music(2years to be exact). I Love her Flow, and how she can Walk and chew bubble gum at the same when it comes to her Voicing her Opinions, Speaking her mind, and Saying some Real/Agreeable/Relatable Lyrics in her Songs(Rather it’s her situation or not). I’m not going to Compare her songs to one another because there’s too many to choose from when you have to choose the best one(Lbs). BUT, when she said, “You mean to tell me that you love that ni*** more than yourself? You mean to tell me, you gone sit around and settle for less?!”…. Etc!!!💪🏾💯

-Words or Encouragement; KEEP GOING!!!!! #ChicagoHereYou🤞🏾💪🏾💕

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