I just love your words of expression of what you have been thru n what’s going on in your life now. Perspectives from another females point of view. I came across you on fb. Checked out some of your songs n instantly became a fan. You took your struggles, hurt n pain n turned that Into your empire. I love the songs how you overcame the heartache n how ppl thought you weren’t gonna make it you proved them wrong. You give inspiration not only to me but many women out there that no matter what your struggles are you can always overcome them. I love the fact that you include your kids in your wrk n you still make n hve time for them. Some of your songs perfectly describe some of the struggles that I’m going thru now n hve in my past. Especially relationship issues n knowing my worth. You are a inspiration to me n I support you n thank you so much for giving me the strength to get thru my current situation

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